Building your online business is learning how to manage your time. Simply speaking, time is your most valuable resource. It’s the one thing you can’t get back, no matter how hard you try. And every entrepreneur out there worth their salt works hard on making the most out of the time they have. Therefore, what three productivity strategies can I use to accomplish more in my business?

Productivity Strategy #1

This that the most important activity. It is to do whatever that is going to move your business forward.

You must focus and get it done.  Commit to it as though your life depended on accomplishing this one thing.

Productivity Strategy # 2

Here in lies the key to your productivity success! Block sections  of time in your day.

What I mean is that you must devote a significant amount of time,  say 1 hour, or it could be an entire weekend to only one activity, or an important project. Here is an idea that you can employ for this strategy:

If you work in blocks of time it allows you to focus on what you are doing for that specific time, you can then maybe take a 15 or 20 minute break; leave your desk; take a walk; play with your dog, then go back and do another block of time.

Depending on what you are working on you may extend the one-hour to two or (maybe three) depending on how creative your mind is and what you are focusing on. Don’t be afraid even if you take a 12-hour as one-block of time.

The key to this strategy is that you have a list of things that you want to get done so that you can cross it off from your Notepad.

Remain committed to this process. You must complete each task that you have listed in your notepad.

Productivity Strategy # 3  

You must also consider the environment that you choose to work in.

Your environment is not only your physical space but also the people who have access to you.

Other environmental factors to consider are noise pollution such as a television; annoying neighbors; and barking dogs. Staying at a hotel normally eliminates these many distractions.

Go away for the weekend, from Friday to Monday morning.The critical success factors that you want are decent meals, a nice desk, good Wi-Fi,  and that it is super quiet.

Another benefit of this process is that by leaving your home and going to a hotel  you can call room service and remain focused on writing with what you want done.

Depending on your home layout you may even decide to convert an empty room into your own work studio where it is equipped for you to literally be away from your home, yet be in your home.

Your studio may have a very comfortable sofa, a small refrigerator, and a small washroom; it is literally your space away from home so that you can focus on what is important which is completing the task at hand.

This special place that you have created in your home has only one purpose, which is to be as productive as you can be – therefore no television, no stereo or anything that can distract you from completing the task at hand.

You may also want to also consider putting your phone on silent, or if you really want to be focused switch it off!


So there you have it., my Three Strategies To Accomplish More In Your Business that can help you maintain focus when trying to build your own online business.  The key takeaway here is that you must be focused in a space that allows you to be completely committed to the task at hand and you must be disciplined such that you complete your goal.

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