In this strategy you will learn “How to Trade Internet Traffic” using Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook account then you need to create one, even if you’re just going to use it for marketing purposes for what I’m going to tell you below.

How to Trade Internet TrafficWhen you go to Facebook,  go to the ” search bar” at the top and then search for the group”clickbank testimonials

Clickbank testimonials or “click banking” basically means that you are… trading traffic! Trading traffic used to be referred to as “ad swaps”; the two are the same.

How To Do It

If you are serious about your internet marketing business, you should be using a calendar with your daily ‘to do’ tasks in it.

how to trade internet trafficTo start the process of trading internet traffic with Clickbank Testimonials, first you have to build a few relationships in the group by posting your experiences and what you will like to get out of this group…honesty is the best policy.

After you have established a small reputation you can then go into your calendar and pick a date to start trading traffic… How? You choose someone you may know in the group or whoever you’re feeling comfortable trading with, and say,

“I want to trade traffic with you so I’ll send 200 clicks to your page on Friday if you’ll send 200 clicks to my page.

Obviously that “page” we’re talking about is each other’s “landing page”. Then you simply start sending your email list (traffic) to the person’s landing page and vice versa.

But what if…

how to trade internet traffic

The problem with this strategy is what happens if Mario (our fictitious friend) only sends 100 clicks?

One hundred clicks is going to be a real pain in the ass to go back to him ‘after the fact’ and get him to match the amount of clicks that you agreed upon, right? Plus…

The other problem is if you’re just starting out (like most of the people reading this post) you don’t really have anything to trade because you don’t have an email list as yet.

So how can you trade internet traffic if you don’t have a list?

how to trade internet trafficThe solution is to do what’s known as “click banking“. Click banking’s actually better, so keep reading below.

Click banking is when each partner takes turn getting clicks.  The banking is basically one person sends first and then the other person after.

You can agree to a certain amount of clicks by saying…

“Ok. I’m going to agree to 100 clicks.”

I’m going to agree to 100 clicks and you find somebody you’re going to say that to.

Then you would send that traffic (100 clicks) to your trading partner first, but the beauty of click banking is that you’re allowed to send that traffic over time!

You can literally send five clicks per day or 10 clicks per day however many clicks per day that you can generate until you get to the amount of clicks that you agreed upon.

Then after you’ve reached the amount of clicks that you’ve agreed upon, you message that person back and say,

hey I’ve finished sending 100 clicks to your page; here’s my page link which is your landing page.”

If you’re getting started with trading traffic I highly recommend that you:

  • get connected to clickbank testimonials groups where you can contact people
  • ask to trade and
  • basically send traffic over time until you get to the amount of clicks that you agreed upon

If you do this you can get free traffic back to your funnel that you don’t have to pay for.


I hope you enjoyed this article on How to Trade Internet Traffic into your funnel.

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