How to download a YouTube thumbnail from YouTube, whether from your video or from someone else’s, is actually very simple to do and today I want to tell you how to do it.

This is a slightly modified transcript of the same title video from Video Creators at YouTube. Sometimes you’re publishing a video and you just need to get that thumbnail back on your computer for some reason. If it’s on your own channel the easiest way to do it is just to click on the “edit button” next to one of your videos inside your video manager and then hovering your mouse over that custom thumbnail and you will see a text that shows up there that says “download image”.

Also, if you want to download the thumbnail from someone else’s video it’s actually pretty simple to do. First you need to get the “ID” of that video.

If you’re looking at the video on YouTube in that long URL you’ll see some random letters and numbers after the equals sign, that is that video’s ID. Select and copy it because you’re going to need it in a second.

Fortunately all of YouTube’s thumbnails are accessible by the same URL, basically you’re going to open a new tab in your browser and type this link>> paste the video ID of the thumbnail you want to get)/maxresdefault.jpg

It is probably easier for you to just copy and paste that from the description above, than to type all that out, but that’s what you need; that’s the URL that will lead to the max resolution thumbnail for that video.

Then simply just right-click on it inside your browser and “save image as” and download it to your desktop or downloads folder or wherever it goes on your computer.

Well, that’s all…If you want to watch the video of this short tutorial you can go HERE


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