In this article I want to start to talk about Free Traffic Sources and it’s benefits for longevity.

But when you’re choosing between “free and paid traffic” sources the instinctual reaction is to think that “free” is better because you’re getting traffic in both cases, and obviously with free traffic you don’t have to pay anything for it, however on the other hand, it’s gonna be a lot harder to scale your business and get to the really crazy super affiliate numbers just on free traffic sources alone.

Free Traffic Sources vs Paid

What I would recommend to you is that free traffic is a good foundation; it’s a good starting point; and it’s definitely good to learn the ropes of it anyways.

However, don’t stay in the free traffic territory too long because paid traffic is where you’re gonna get the big results and the big numbers!

The only difference is with “paid traffic” you’re gonna have to actually recover what you spent AND actually make a profit, but with that disclaimer aside, all free traffic sources are a great opportunity to make a good amount of money and it doesn’t cost you anything!

It’s a very awesome way to build your business and I recommend that everybody at least learn how to do it.

I have three really good free traffic sources that I’m going to share with you now. All three of them can work to build a very significant business, and I must also show examples of successful people that are doing these things in three different cases that are actually leading them to getting really good results.

Google Alert free traffic source strategy #1

Not many people are aware of this, but actually if you do a Google search for a service called Google Alerts , basically what Google’s gonna allow you to do is set up alerts for as many different keywords as you want.

What’s gonna happen is that any time there’s a new interesting post,  like basically a post that’s of high enough quality to get Google’s attention to put in their “news feed, Google is going to send you an email and notify you to let you know about it!

The way you can work this to your advantage is that you can get all these alerts sent to your email anytime there’s an interesting post that shows up in your industry. You can actually go directly to that post and engage in the conversation and then siphon traffic back to your landing page and back to your website.

As an example, I would have an alert set up for something like How To Build An Email List and obviously I’m also involved in Email Marketing as well. Free Traffic Sources

Google then alerts me via my email and they say,

“Hey, just so you know, there’s a new post on Building AnEmail List that people are really talking about. There’s a huge audience there. You should check it out.”

I can click on that post; go to it; and I can engage in the conversation.

Then I can “siphon” this free traffic back to my blog or I can siphon traffic back to one of my blog posts where I talk about list building, or I can just send people directly to my “lead capture page” which is going to teach them about List Building – but, I can actually get involved in the conversations around the Internet and the new audiences.

These basically new interesting conversations that are propping up every day, I get notified about them; get involved in them; and then siphon that free traffic back to my stuff. A person who does that really exceptionally well is a guy named Matthew Woodward

Matthew talks in his blog where he makes about $20,000 per month from his blog.  We’re gonna be talking about blogging later too in this article, but basically he attributes the majority of his success, and the traffic that he gets to his blog, from this strategy of going into where the conversations are and then siphoning those conversations back to his blog.

If you get involved in a enough of those conversations they’re like breadcrumbs.

It’s not like you’re just getting that one person to come to your blog, oftentimes you’re involved in conversations that are going to be seen by lots and lots of people, so it’s going to give you small trickles of traffic from all over the place and “backlinks” to your site which is all going to lead you into getting organic traffic on autopilot in the future. This is an awesome strategy!

It’s not going to give you a massive amount of traffic all at once, but if you gradually do it a little bit every day (and I think Matthew says in his blog that he did it in the beginning for an hour every day) you will get results.

Matthew focused one hour on getting involved in what I call “conversational marketing”. He did “one hour per day” for a few months, and now it’s led to a massive organic traffic mechanism that basically makes his blog to be able to make over six figures per year pretty consistently and easily!

So that’s one great way, which is to get involved in “conversation marketing” via Google Alerts which is a free service that allows you to do it easily.

Facebook (FB) strategy

The next great free traffic source strategy is actually Facebook.

I know I’m going to get some eye rolls here about mixing in business with personal, but I want to share with you what marketers are doing in there to get lots and lots of business.

Free Traffic SourcesI’m going to use a guy named Paul de Sousa to show you an example of this. He does this really really well.

Remember, FB isn’t just about business and that’s the first important thing to remember. If you make your entire Facebook profile just about “marketing”, people are gonna stop paying attention to you because you’re always selling selling selling!

Every once in a while you want to have your own personal post which is what you’re gonna be doing anyways and your feel-good posts, but then also every once in a while what Paul de Sousa does is that he leverages this social network that causes people to give him a lot of business.

Here’s an example of what Paul does. He puts a post (and obviously he’s a likable guy) but then he says something like,

“Want to run an easy business from your smartphone and make $1,000 Commission’s all day long? Hit like and type “I want” and I will give you the info.”free traffic sources

Look at that! The cool thing here is that this is very simple.

How much time would that have taken you to write? Probably you could have done this post in 5 seconds or less and it really honestly has the typical marketing lingo and language that you would expect to have like “learn how to make this much money and consistently”, and whatever, but then he has the interesting thing where he says “hit like and type I want if you want the info.”

Now the really cool thing about this is…  it’s so easy to get somebody to hit “I like” or to type “I want.” It’s really a “low commitment strategy”.

You’re not asking people to personal message you or asking them to take steps to buy anything right off the bat. You’re really giving people a commitment (that’s very easy for them) to do right now.

The next thing is that when you get people to engage in your posts, that makes the Facebook algorithm feel like your profile deserves to be seen in their news feed.

When you get people to engage in your posts they’re going to start seeing your posts more often. It’s also brilliant in that respect, but then you must also look at the amount of people that are engaging with it.

Normally when you do business and you have an offer you usually have to pay money to get that offer in front of people right? Well with this strategy you don’t have to do any of that. It’s a free traffic strategy where you just have a Facebook profile and you post stuff like anybody normally would, and then when you do a business post you just have a simple little paragraph like this,

“Hey like if you want to know more information, I have this really cool thing. If you want to know more information type ‘like’ and I’ll get back to you.”

then you can just individually go to each of those people and personal message them and then say,

“Hey like you wanted to know about that business, Here’s the information on it, Here’s what’s involved, let’s have a chat about it.”

and you can actually leverage those conversations and those interactions to bigger online commission sales!

With this strategy you can see anyone can do it (and can make) a ton of money if you do it effectively and mix it into your social network accounts.

Great! We have Google Alerts, and then we have using social networks to leverage bigger commission sales by getting people to engage in your content. The final one, which is the obvious one, and one that we’re all fairly familiar with is you can also have a “blog.”

Blog free traffic source strategy

When you have a blog it’s two-fold.

First of all, you’re going to get “free organic traffic” from the search engines, then in addition to getting that free organic traffic you’re also going to be perceived as an expert.

There’s something about being published online that when people see that you have a blog (and it looks professional) they start to treat you like more of an expert and more of an authority figure.

When people treat you like more of an expert and more of an authority figure they’re willing to spend more and more money on what you have to say; they’re more willing to buy recommendations; and more willing to trust you.

Matthew Woodward, who we talked about in the Google Alerts strategy, said he does this really well where he makes $20,000 per month just from his blog alone, and that doesn’t even include the external income sources that he makes off of his blog!


I hope you enjoyed this article and it’s three awesome free ways to get a bunch of free traffic into your funnel.

Although there’s a lot more ways than just these three, I focused on these because honestly these are the most powerful free traffic strategies that I’m aware of.

I know that there are many others, but most of them are dead ends or expensive. These are three that people are having massive success with.

Both Matthew Woodward and Paul D’Souza have results that speak for themselves. It can be lucrative and basically it is the more common, if not, most common method out there for getting free organic traffic to your content and to your landing pages.

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