In today’s constantly changing world, continuing your education may be a necessary component of your professional development. Making learning a lifelong process can also be rewarding and fun.

1. Community College

Whether you want to add some skills to your resume like accounting or bookkeeping, or you want to learn how to paint or play the guitar, community colleges offer a great and affordable education resource for developing new skills or refining old ones.

Community colleges also a great venue for networking or finding like-minded people, and many classes are offered evenings or on the weekends.

2. Lectures

Lectures are all over the place, and many times, they’re often free (not to mention accompanied by free coffee and potentially other food).

Keep your eyes out everywhere you eat or shop for postings on bulletin boards advertising lectures from various professionals in your community such as doctors, lawyers, and real estate agents.

Bookstores and coffee shops are also great places to find scheduled talks to further improve your education.

3. Join a Book Club

Meeting regularly with a group to discuss some literature is a great way to make friends and stimulate your cranial space.

Your membership in the club will motivate you to stick to your reading, and if your area is populous enough, you may be able to find a club geared toward the specific genre you like.

4. Learning Online

With the advent of YouTube, ad hoc instruction has proliferated, with people offering free lessons in music, cooking, woodworking, and also offering philosophical insights.

You can also view documentaries on a variety of topics (almost anything really) giving you the ability to ingest a great education right from your computer. There are also websites that offer courses from certified professionals and professors in a variety of areas.

5. Learn in Your Car

There are a number of companies that have created a lecture series in audio format, so that you can learn in your car as you’re driving to work or running errands.

Whether the topic is investments or ancient architecture, you can probably find an audio lecture to enjoy during your commute.

6. Get Out!

That’s right! Take a field trip to one of the museums in your area. Art, science, natural history, sports, and music are just a few of the things you can learn about, sometimes in a participatory way, at your local museums.

You can also take walking tours or guided hikes to learn more about your city or the natural world.

If you’re interested in culinary pursuits, you can take a tour of a winery or food production facility.

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