Respect is a foundational skill for functioning in today’s diverse world. While it can be hard to respect people who do not share your views or beliefs, using these five simple skills may help you.

Learn and Empathize

When someone has a different political view, religion, belief, or cultural practice, it can sometimes be hard to accept that, especially if it’s not our own. Just remember that whatever they’re doing is for them, and not you.

Try learning about their culture, belief, or political view, so you can understand where they’re coming from. Even if you don’t agree or find it strange, accept the fact that this person is different, and this is what works for them.

Respect Yourself

Many times people are disrespectful of others because they feel insecure about themselves.

Being respectful of others does not mean that you have to bear insults, hurtful comments, or disparaging remarks yourself. Make sure there are clear boundaries in your life so that you can have healthy and respectful relationships with friends, family, and coworkers. Know your positive points and celebrate them.


If someone near you succeeds, tell them they did a good job. Not only will they feel respected, but your action will actually help ingrain within you a sense of respect about them and their accomplishments.

If you’re a manager or boss, go out of your way to congratulate employees, because if they believe that you respect them, they will respect you more.

Treat Everything with Respect

Learn how to exhibit respect in the variety of situations you come across. Take care of your living space, keeping it clean and organized.

Take care to do your work with respect, don’t throw trash on the ground when you’re out, and be polite in the variety of social settings you find yourself in.

Throughout the day, you will have small opportunities here and there to be respectful, such as a phone conversation or an interaction at the cash register. Don’t lose sight or respect wherever you go.


It’s hard to be disrespectful when you appreciate someone or something. Try to find good points within everybody, even people you don’t get along with, and express them. Tell them what you appreciate, write them a note, or compliment them.

The more you practice this, the more your perception will change and you will begin to respect them naturally.

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