When we need energy throughout the day, most of us turn to coffee or energy drinks for help. But did you know there are many natural sources of energy we can consume?


The first energy inducing food on my list is something that Curious George would be sure to enjoy. You can slice bananas into your morning cereal, or blended with ice and peanut butter for a delicious smoothie.

Don’t have a knife or a blender? No problem. Take off it’s yellow raincoat and enjoy that tropical treat, because bananas compose of glucose, fructose, and sucrose sugars that provide a long lasting and natural boost of energy.


Yogurt is a traditional american breakfast food, but its availability in prepackaged small units facilitates its consumption as a snack as well. It’s also a great treat for a wide variety of people since there are so many flavors to choose from.

As you bring that spoon towards your mouth, don’t let the spoon shake with excitement when you think about the rich calcium, glycogen, and magnesium you are about to ingest—that last element being particularly energizing.


“Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink,” says the ancient mariner of Coleridge’s poem.

He must not have known the importance of drinking multiple glasses of water every day. Good hydration is key to increasing your energy level and avoiding the fatigue that naturally sets in when you’re dehydrated.

Feeling lousy? Try drinking a nice cup of water before you head down to the lobby for a coffee. If you like a little flavor, add sliced cucumbers, limes, or citrus for taste.


These roundish little protein-rich treats that didn’t quite graduate into chicken-hood are somewhat of a controversial topic (people tend to love them or hate them), but one egg contains a whopping 30% of your daily protein, an organic compound that is crucial for maintaining energy throughout the day. Eggs can also be hard-boiled, bagged, and brought to work, they make a great mid-day snack to help energize your afternoon.

Dark Chocolate

I just had to conclude this article with a sweet treat – Dark Chocolate.

I’ve read that this specifically may improve brain function and verbal fluency, which tend to suffer when you are fatigued.

Blood flow to the brain has been connected with dark chocolate in clinical studies (sign me up), while certain stimulants in cocoa such as caffeine and theobromine can provide a little much-needed burst of energy almost instantaneously.

Almost everyone loves Chocolate, so consider throwing bits and pieces of it into a trail mix with a variety of nuts and dried fruit for a healthy munch option throughout the day.

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