If you look up a definition for the word positivity, you’ll find it means to have an optimistic outlook, but did you know that the outlook you have on things can also influence other areas of your life as well?

Positivity is very contagious, so if you’re able to look at the world through rose colored lenses you’ll find the following five areas of your life will improve.


If you’re a positive person, chances are you’ll be able to enjoy your work.

People prefer to interact with positive people, so your boss, coworkers and clients will start to have more enjoyable interactions with you, which will probably lead to better outcomes. You’ll be viewed likable, confident, competent, skilled and as an added bonus people will likely look over your downsides.


There are a lot of stressful things that can go on in the home between spouses, siblings, parents and children.

If you’re negative and grumpy, that will definitely rub off on the people around you and at the very least, rub them the wrong way.

When you’re positive, you’ll find that there is less complaining, bickering, and fighting around you, and more appreciation, sharing, and happiness.


As we said before, people prefer to be around positive people.

If you’re a positive person, you’ll be invited out more to parties, events, and get-togethers because everyone will want to be around your contagious smile.

Friends will turn to you for support and guidance because they will view you as someone who has the secret to life since you seem to be enjoying it so much.


Positive thinking has been clinically linked to numerous health benefits.

Positive, happy people tend to live longer, healthier, fuller lives, than their bitter and unhappy counterparts, and are the Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer that does mysteriously live to a ripe old age, doesn’t really seem to enjoy it anyway.

The power of positivity is so great that it has shown to turn around clinical illnesses, and help patients overcome very dangerous or challenging situations.

The Future

When you’re negative and pessimistic the future looks like a bleak place—but ask around among those entrepreneurs, investors, and creative geniuses who have found success in this world, and you’ll find that many of them forced themselves to have a positive outlook.

In fact if you feel like nothing you do will succeed you probably won’t try, but if you’re positive and can hope for the best, you’ll find that the sky is the limit.

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