In today’s busy world we tend to put a lot of food into our bodies without considering what’s inside. Here are five healthy super foods you should start incorporating into your diet.


When it comes to oats, you may think of a smiling man wearing a wide brimmed hat and inviting you to live an idyllic farm life in upstate Pennsylvania. However, there’s a whole lot more to oats beyond its status as convenient breakfast food.

Recent research has shown that oats is an amazing food that lowers cholesterol, while its fibers can fill you up, resulting in less overeating and more weight loss. The copper, zinc, and niacin in oats are also good for your skin. Oats can also be baked into pastries, bread, and sprinkled over yogurt to make a parfait.

Wild Caught Salmon

Have you always wanted to go to Alaska?

You might be pleasantly surprised to know that a little taste of America’s last frontier contains antioxidants that lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease, and possibly reduce the effects of aging and the sun on skin.

The omega oils have also been clinically shown to reduce skin lesions and aid in healthy weight loss. Consider eating wild salmon a few times a week, grilled or baked, to ingest some of these curative properties from the ocean.


Head south of the border (for all those Americans reading) if you’re looking for the Green Hulk of super-foods. Consumption of avocados has been linked to healthy weight, less belly fat, and lower risks of diabetes and heart disease.

The vitamins C, E, and K within avocados are also great for your skin, and possibly prevent wrinkles and sun damage. Mixed with a little lime juice you can make guacamole or how about it sliced onto your salad?

Olive Oil

This next food on the list may surprise you, but with all of the saturated fats that permeate our diet today, olive oil offers a healthy alternative that won’t cling to your arteries.

Olive oil also contains polyphenols, a compound found in many teas, that can prevent certain troublesome cells from causing colon and breast cancer. Olive oil can be used in a variety of recipes, and is a staple in Mediterranean cooking.


Broccoli gets a lot of bad press, but these little trees can make a veritable little super-food forest on your plate. It is filled with fiber, potassium, calcium, and compounds that reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Two servings or broccoli carry two days of vitamin C, which is great for fighting the common cold. Don’t overcook your broccoli, as that can destroy many of its nutrients. Consider eating it raw (crunch, crunch) or lightly steamed.

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