So you’ve made a mistake. Whether it’s at work, in a relationship, with your kids, or among your friends, everybody makes mistakes.

The nature of a mistake will vary from person to person depending on context and circumstances, but there are four things one should keep in mind that will help them bounce back.

When you Lose, Don’t Lose the Lesson

Mistakes offer you an opportunity to learn what you can do better next time, and also what not to do. Learning about something from a manual or book is important, but can only go so far; to live in the real world is how you begin to understand and grasp the practical application of what was taught to you in school.

Since real life isn’t a simulation, mistakes can happen. Review what went wrong, and learn what to do better next time.

Mistakes Help You Embrace Your Humanity

We are not perfect. We are not angels, or robots: we are human, and part of being human is making mistakes.

Use your mistake as a starting point to improve, and let yourself be motivated by the desire not to make the same mistake again.

You can also use your mistake as an indicator of what level you are really at, rather than what level you thought you were at. Mistakes provide a chance to do self reflection, so use that opportunity to be honest and make a plan for improvement.

Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

When a bone breaks and heals, it’s stronger than it was before. Muscle mass increases because it’s broken down and then built back up again.

In a similar way, mistakes provide you with an opportunity to become better and stronger.

One of the ways you can grow stronger after a mistake is to embrace a new level of humility and admit that you did something wrong. You can also learn how to handle pain, loss, embarrassment, or shame, and move on psychically whole and healthy.

Mistakes Open up Doors for Healing

When you make a mistake that affects other people, you have an opportunity to get into a deeper conversation with them and apologize. You may be forced to work out some side issues that relate to your mistake.

If you have a healthy relationship with the people around you, you may find that the dialogue around repairing the damage you’ve done with your mistake can open up a conversation that deepens your relationships and rebuilds a new level of trust.

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