So you’ve got a product that you’re looking to sell online. Whether you’re supplementing in-store sales, or avoiding the necessity of brick and mortar establishments entirely, online marketplaces are an excellent place to get in-front of lots of traffic. You may be wondering what type of marketplace will be best for your business


Amazon is the undisputed juggernaut of online commerce, and anyone who is selling anything needs to put their product on it

They offer Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) which essentially streamlines the delivery process by offering storage, inventory, and shipping in return for a fraction of your sale.

For vendors selling over 40 items monthly, Amazon charges $40 per month, but increases the range of your product’s availability, offers variable shipping rates, gift wrap, and product promotions.

Amazon is a great option for growing or established businesses that are looking to outsource distribution and save time and energy for growth and development.


Many secondhand item apps have sprouted up recently, but EBay has been around since 1995 and still attracts the most traffic.

EBay offers great customizability for your storefront, and ease of shipping internationally with their Global Shipping Program. While they take 10% of your sales, EBay does offer plans for power sellers to list more items and pay lower fees.

Moreover, EBay offers an auction option, and for buyers to negotiate with vendors to get a lower price. If your business involves buying and selling items that change hands every few years, such as electronics, machinery, or collectibles, EBAY is the venue for you.


You might be surprised to learn that SEARS has actually transformed their online venue into a thriving digital marketplace.

For slightly less than $40 a month, your product will appear online, on their app, and on kiosks at stores. Their fees are performance and item based (2.50% to 17.50%), but that could be a decent tradeoff if you want your product available on the third largest digital marketplace in.

SEARS is a good “Cleanup batter” in your lineup to accompany your listing on Amazon or other venues, affording you the opportunity to attach your product to a recognizable brand name.


ETSY is an up and coming marketplace primarily geared toward homemade arts and crafts.

If you’re selling paintings, sculptures, clothes, or craft items, consider selling them specifically here, because the majority of customers browsing the site are looking for something new, creative, and pleasing to look at.

ETSY has low rates for listing ($.20 per listing), low percentages for fees (3.50%), and a rapidly growing amount of traffic, which makes it a great venue for artists and vendors of boutique items.

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