About Me

Avatar - About MeWhat About me?

I have one purpose…it is to share with you my proven strategies  along my journey to run and optimize an online business

Why? Here is the problem…

Robots and algorithms are in the process of taking away both labor intensive and clerical jobs. Your ability to continue to earn an income through traditional physical means will slowly disappear.

However, an online business generates both an active and passive income via affiliate marketing, product and service development or your own product creation.

In summary, I’ve defined active online income as income received from performing a service.

Now, staying focused in this business requires tenacity. Here are my watch words for you to consider:

  • Stop Chasing The Silver Bullet
  • Start Eliminating and De-cluttering the online things that you don’t need
  • Stop Chasing Perfection
  • You Must Have Patience And Practice Persistence
  • Failure Is Your Friend
  • Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  • Be Consistant
  • Take Action

My posting schedule is as follows:

  • The Blog Posting is a minimum of one post a day.
  • YouTube Channel is one every two days
  • Twitter is multiple times a day.

I hope you enjoy these posts and please feel free to leave a question or comment here. In the meantime you can now click here to go to my Posts.