About Me -blogHello!  Welcome to my blog.

I’m a retired business executive tired of trading my physical time for money. I’ve taken the bold step and have ventured into the world of cyberspace to earning an online passive income. Why?  So that I can get time, money and location freedom.

Along this journey, I will share with you what best practices you should consider using to run and optimize your online business.

I’ll be using various potential income sources such as affiliate marketing, e-product development, and videos to achieve my objective.

If you have any questions that you would like answered, please leave a comment so that I can respond.

Remember, staying focused in this business requires tenacity. Here are my watch words for you to consider:

  • Stop Chasing The Silver Bullet
  • Start Eliminating and De-cluttering the online things that you don’t need
  • Stop Chasing Perfection
  • You Must Have Patience And Practice Persistence
  • Failure Is Your Friend
  • Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  • Be Consistent
  • Take Action

My posting schedule is as follows:

  • The Blog Posting is a minimum of one post per day.
  • YouTube Channel is one every week.
  • Twitter is multiple times a day.

I hope you enjoy these posts and please feel free to leave a question or comment here.

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