Marketing Made Easy For Entrepreneurs

Marketing is no walk in the park. It’s hard to manage campaigns, keep up with influencers, and maintain brand integrity. Sometimes you need help to make your marketing easier.

There are a wealth of products online to help you work smarter, not harder. None of these are going to magically make your marketing great. You still need a solid strategy, but here are my recommended best tools you can use to make Marketing Easier and to put a good plan into motion.


marketing made easier - Hootsuite logo Hootsuite is a social media aggregator that consolidates all of your social media into one stream.

With only one platform to manage, you save time by posting to all of your social media accounts at once.

You can easily identify trends without going to each social media account separately.

Hootsuite is also a media relations tool that allows you to track your ROI and brand mentions, giving you the ability to protect your reputation and respond to posts.

Coverage Book

marketing made easier - Coverage BookCoverage Book automates reports based on your brand’s media coverage.

Understanding how your coverage map compares with your competitors gives you the ability to focus on increasing your coverage to make sure you have enough brand visibility.

Coverage Book is accessible on a variety of platforms, so it’s available wherever you are. On your way to a meeting, waiting for a flight, or last-minute follow-ups before bed, Coverage Book is there.


marketing made easier - CanvaCanva helps you create beautiful designs and documents easily and without the use of an expensive editor.

Choose from a large database of stock images or upload your own. Create in any style or size, or use the templates provided to build Facebook banners, Twitter profile images, or business cards.

With all of Canva’s tools at your disposal, it’s simple to use, and everything will always be just the right size.


marketing made easier - MentionMention gives you the ability to monitor your customers, brand, industry, or competitors, making it easy for you to stay in touch with your online marketing efforts.

This media observation tool provides real-time monitoring of all of your keywords so you can organize them, filter out what’s not important, and engage in the conversation by favoring, retweeting, or responding.

Compare key metrics against your competitors to see where you outperform and where you need to focus your energy.

The intuitive dashboard helps you easily organize influencers, insights, and reports.


marketing made easier - MeltwaterThe Meltwater application helps you to be more relevant in your industry by measuring your online mentions, analyzing your share of voice in the market, and understanding your influencers.

Through an intuitive dashboard, you have media mentions, reports, campaign performance, and ROI all at your fingertips.

By optimizing your efforts and monitoring your brand, you can keep tabs on the competition and improve your strategy based on the online movement in your industry.


marketing made easier - BuzzsumoBuzzSumo helps you analyze which topics perform best for any niche or competitor.

You can discover the most used content, find influencers, set up alerts, or track your competitors.

It also displays share activity across social media platforms and allows you to filter by data types such as video, infographic, interview, and many others.

Headline Analyser

marketing made easier - Headline AnalyzerHeadline Analyser is a PR tool that does just that: analyse your headline.

Catchy headlines provide meaning to your online content and help search engines find you. The right headline can mean the difference between being found, and not.


marketing made easier - pitchenginePitchengine helps you to tell stories. Create pitches and share them with your audience.

With this generator you can create content in the editor, publish and share it, then measure what resonates and track metrics.


marketing made easier - followupthenFollowupthen is an easy way to schedule a follow-up reminder.

Your clients will always receive a follow up at exactly the right time, you’ll never forget your boarding pass again, and you can clear out your inbox until it’s time to worry about the next task.

Ninja Outreach

NinjNinjaOutreacha Outreach gives you the tools you need to find your main influencers throughout the world and automate your outreach by using effective contact management tools. It searches thousands of bloggers, business leads, and other industry experts based on they keywords you enter.

Once you gather contacts, you can manage them with notes, tags, email history, and RSS feeds, then target your next campaign to the most relevant online contributors. With filters, you can drill down to what’s working and fix what’s not.

Your life is already hectic. You have campaigns to build, tweets to post, and content to write. Use these tools to help alleviate some stress and carry out your marketing plan anytime, any place.

I hope this post helped you by introducing you to the  Best Tools You Can Use To Make Marketing Easier.

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